In the complex and changing environment where we live today, offering new solutions and tools that help our customers to anticipate to their business challenges, reputation and social license to operate become a constant challenge.

Communications solutions demand a joint approach from a broad spectrum of specialties. On top of the traditional areas of Public Affairs, Consumer Engagement, Crisis and Risks, Digital, Financial Communication,Corporate Communications, Sport and Business Strategy, Leadership and Corporate Positioning,Talent Engagement or RSC and Corporate Foundations, among others, some new areas were added based on the needs of our customers and the challenges of the current environment.

With the activity of the companies in the spotlight, consumers trust emerges as an essential competitive element for companies not only achieve success, but also guarantee their survival. In this context, in June 2018 we launched Consumer Trust, a trans-media solution focused on improving the trust of consumers in the companies, developed and driven by the Consumer Engagement area.

This solution is one of our main commercial bets for the year and it is based on three dimensions of our reputation model: transparency, credibility and integrity. This solution promotes interactive content, work with influencers, development of content platforms and consumer trust measurement.

From the Leadership and Corporate Positioning area, led by Juan Cardona, we have innovated, offering support to our customers to build their corporate purpose. Our methodology allows us to align our customers’ purpose and narrative so that their communication improves the results and impact of the organizations in society. For such purpose, we work to generate trust, something that we can only do through a professional practice that implements real, transparent and efficient communication.

The Digital area, led by Iván Pino, has once again renewed its value proposition, incorporating to the capabilities already consolidated in the market of brand journalism, digital identity and active listening, inbound marketing talent and customer experience management of one of the most renowned experts in both fields, Marcos González de La-Hoz. Under the “Digital Experience” framework, a new set of solutions has emerged, geared to turning into business results the management of digital experience of the different stakeholders: customers, employees, investors... Transforming digital projects, from data intelligence to achieving results; with a holistic view and a cross-sectional deployment, that successfully join reputation goals with business objectives, and marketing techniques with communication methods.